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Potholes cause one third of the mechanical failures on UK roads. costing motorists an estimated £2.8 billion every year.

Vehicles suffer from axle or suspension failure, punctures and wheel damage.

With the authorities paying out more than £30 million in compensation claims because of poor roads; not to mention road maintenance in Scotland being underfunded by £1 billion every year, it’s no wonder that the demand for pothole repairs is growing.
MRM Surfacing provide a range of different pothole repair services for both private and public sector clients.
Our fully qualified and highly experienced workforce can carry out all types of tarmac and pothole repairs from one small pothole to large scale projects.
We ensure we utilise the right material for the individual job and always quote at the best price.

At MRM Surfacing we offer an efficient pothole repair service for commercial and private clients across Scotland, bringing your road or carriageway back up to safe, presentable standard.
Why do potholes occur?

A pothole occurs when the surface of the road or footpath has been eroded and a hollow is formed. The worst weather conditions in 30 years have left roads across the country exposed to a condition known as freeze-thaw. However, they can also be damaged by excessive heat, wear and tear and, of course, time. These elements damage roads in wet and particularly freezing conditions. Water gathering in cracks in the roads expands when frozen, causing the surface to break up, which results in deeper than usual potholes appearing. Once you have a weakness in the road, the damage is compounded and accelerated by traffic.

How do you repair a pothole?

There are many ways to repair a pothole, but we believe we have the best method, which involves cutting out the weakened area to form a rectangular shape. The hole is then cleaned out and painted with a coat of liquid bituminous binder. This acts as an adhesive when the hole is filled with a layer of bitumen road surface material.

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