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Showing you the way ahead - to the future of road marking!

Our preformed thermoplastic road markings can be created to any design - standard, or from artwork (Company Logos for example) supplied by you, and/or cut into the final shapes ready to position onto a tarmac or concrete surface.

Preformed Thermoplastic

We are a supplier and installer of preformed thermoplastic across Scotland. The skid-resistant thermoplastic markings can come in a variety of shapes, letters, numbers, and other forms. Our preformed materials are non-toxic, lead-free and chromate-free.
Preformed thermoplastic is engineered for enhanced visibility in low light and poor weather. The improved visibility also makes it safe for use on potentially dangerous areas such as sharp bends. MRM offers you the convenience of pre-cut thermoplastic that can be easily installed and lasts up to 10 times longer than traditional paint markings.
Our preformed thermoplastic materials can also be pre-cut into custom designs, logos and more. With over a decade of industry experience, our professional installation team offers free on-site surveys to ensure we understand and fulfil your exact needs.

Why Choose Preformed Thermoplastic?

Preformed thermoplastic is a low-cost solution for marking small areas. It is simple and quick to install and also requires less manpower and preparation procedures than traditional paint markings.
Preformed thermoplastic is eye-catching and can be used to recreate many ideas on the ground. Our preformed thermoplastic is also easy to apply and flows readily. After installation, the area is ready to use as soon as 10-20 mins later which causes little to no disruption in your daily routine.
The material is also hard-wearing and resistant to discolouration. Preformed thermoplastic markings are tough and durable with long service life which further reduces costs associated with replacement, repainting and repair of worn-out paint markings.
With preformed thermoplastic, there is no waste. The material is prepared to exact measurements and requirements. It can also be adapted to suit your specific performance expectations and the climatic conditions in your area.
The preformed thermoplastic is also resistant to deterioration caused by sunlight, water, oil, petrol, or adverse weather conditions.

Uses of Preformed Thermoplastic

  • Refurbishing old markings after utility works or repairs
  • Small scale line marking for areas such as car parks
  • Company logos or branding
  • Marking school playgrounds
  • Marking safe routes to schools
  • New road markings
MRM will give you excellent customer service and ensure that you experience our traditional values of honesty and respect.
Whether you are looking for educational, interactive, or more formal preformed thermoplastic, we aim to give you a wide range of options to satisfy your needs. All our materials are designed in-house by our team of highly trained professionals.
Our team has extensive experience working with preformed thermoplastic resulting in efficient services.  Our markings are also easy to repair on the rare occasion when you may need a portion removed or replaced.
If you would like to find out more about preformed thermoplastic, get in touch via e-mail or our Contact page to get a free consultation.

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